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Ongoing projects

  • Oldschool 8 bit development
  • Remote CW software
  • Rotator & Rig control

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  • ScoutLog v1.0.0

    ScoutLog v1.0.0

    HAM radio logging software aimed for scouting activities such as JOTA, SCOTA etc, but could ofcourse be used for any activity.
    It´s very easy and intuitive for scouts to use, youngsters as well as old timers.
    ScoutLog v.1.0.0 is developed by myself, being both hamradio operator and scout troop leader.
    Initially it was meant to be a local used software by my own scoutdivision, but questions arose from other scoutdivisions if they could use it and since scouting is also about sharing I decided to make it avaliable to the general public.
    Tremendous amount of time and brainpower has been put into this nice piece of software so please consider donating a few bucks so I can continue to develop and perfect ScoutLog.
    I´m very eager to receive feedback and suggestions from you in order to push the software further.


  • ADIF export
  • Intuitive & simple logging
  • QSO upload
  • Multiple loggingstation support
  • Windows 32 & 64 bit support
  • Use existing local or remote MySQL database

  • Webcam capture SSTV

    Webcam capture SSTV

    Webcam capture SSTV is a simple, yet powerful, software developed as a quick solution for those using MMSSTV, or other SSTV software, to take quick photos using existing webcam and transmit to the dx.
    A nice feature of this software is the text overlay, which is fully user modifiable.


  • Microsoft WDM engine
  • User modifiable text overlay
  • Saves to MMSSTV format
  • Windows 32 & 64 bit support

  • SM7I DynaDNS Server

    SM7I DynaDNS Server

    I actually got tired of those generally known DynDNS providers only offering domainnames that I found of little or no interest so I designed this neat little software making it possible for you to use your own freely chosen domainname with dynamic IP hosts.
    The only requirement for this is that you run your own DNS server on a Windowsserver on which the server application will run.
    Basic function of this application is to listen for a TCP stream, from the dynamic IP host(s), on TCP port 31337 containing the key and hostname of the dynamic IP host. When received, the application edits the host record in zonefile, updates serialnumber and reloads the zonefile.


  • Use your own domainname
  • Listens to TCP socket
  • Uses security to authenticate the dynamic IP host
  • Windows 2008 Server 64 bit support

  • Contact


    Johan Engdahl

    Hohögs Scoutkår SK7ES SK7ES

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